Allergy Injections

Allergy Injections


Allergy Injections or Allergy Immunotherapy: For those patients with allergy, sinus, hay fever, and/or asthma symptoms, we usually perform allergy skin testing at the first visit. The testing specifically identifies the allergies (weeds, mountain cedar, trees, molds, grasses, animal dander, dust mite) responsible.

There are three treatment modalities: avoidance techniques, medications, and allergy injections either individually, or in combination. Depending on the circumstances, I often recommend allergy injections as the BEST long-term treatment choice. Allergy immunotherapy can possibly CURE these conditions!

Getting started

First, we take special bottles (called “vials”), and put into them all the things you or your child are allergic to based on the skin testing results – so they are custom-made for you.

The injections are usually ready within one week of the initial office visit at which time we can start. At the beginning, I recommend you come into our office (or another medical office if more convenient) once or twice a week (preferably twice a week) for the injections. No appointment is necessary – just come anytime during allergy injection hours Monday through Friday.

Your injection schedule

You or your child will find the injection(s) are very small and do not hurt. And each time you get the injections, your immune system gets stronger and stronger – building antibodies to fight the allergies – and if you come in twice a week, in four months you should be at the top (called “maintenance”).

At that point, they are like booster shots so you only have to come in once a week. We do that for ten visits (ten weeks), and if all is going well, you “graduate” to every two weeks. Continue every two weeks for ten visits, and then you move up to coming in only once every three weeks for the boosters.

We continue the injections for a total of five years, and then stop them. In my experience, over 95% of our patients are permanently done treating their allergies and continue to do well FOREVER!

Building up

During the build up phase (first four or five months), preventative medications would need to be continued daily because at the beginning the injections are weak and not protective. The good news is that once the injections are built up strong enough, in most cases we can consider reducing or eliminating most or all of the medications!

I recommend the injections because:

  • they are effective
  • they can cure the problem
  • they help to reduce/eliminate the need for most medications
  • they help us to live life in the most normal way possible.

In my experience, almost every one of my patients who have stuck with the injections looks back and says “This was the best thing I ever did for myself (or my child)!”

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