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Food allergies and sensitivities are common and underappreciated. Sometimes they are obvious, and even more frequently they are insidious.

  • Symptoms run the gamut, including:

    • headaches
    • various rashes (including hives and welts)
    • swellings
    • sinus allergy symptoms
    • stomach and intestinal issues
    • breathing or respiratory symptoms
    • behavioral symptoms
    • anaphylaxis (may include lightheadedness, loss of consciousness, drop in blood pressure, tightening of the throat, chest tightness)
    • and others
  • The most important aspect of the food evaluation is identifying every factor responsible. At your first visit, we take a detailed medical history and physical examination, followed by food allergy skin testing. The testing is quick; we usually have your results in 20 minutes. Sometimes, blood tests and/or X-rays are also recommended. Later, after you or your child leaves the office, all normal activities may be resumed.

    We will make recommendations based on all of the information obtained. Treatment considerations may include avoidance techniques, medications, or other modalities.

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