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Having lifelong allergies and asthma and many experiences with continual coughing myself, I enjoy evaluating and treating patients with chronic or persistent cough.

  • In my experience, coughing difficulties occur because of other underlying conditions, and not all by itself. There are many possibilities including:

    • allergies
    • sinus problems
    • infections (sinus, upper respiratory, bronchitis)
    • stomach reflux
    • smoking
    • heart issues
    • exertion or exercise
    • and others

    The most important aspect of the evaluation is identifying every factor responsible.

  • To get the best results for you, being thorough and accurate is key. I recommend a full history (we ask all the right questions about your past and present), followed by the physical examination, and appropriate testing (usually including a mucous test, breathing tests, allergy skin testing, and x-rays).

    In most cases, we will have most of the information at the first visit. If testing is performed, once you and/or your child leave our office, you may resume your normal daily activities.

    No matter what the findings, the choices will be clear, recommendations will be made, and usually medications will be prescribed to help you or your child begin the process of getting well that same day! If allergies are the underlying issue, there are three effective treatment choices:

    These options would be discussed in detail, and a “game plan” would be implemented.

    The goal is to breathe and feel normal. Call today to make an appointment! We look forward to meeting you.

Feel better, sooner.

Are you an established patient? Feeling under the weather? Are your allergies flared up? We can help! Feel better, sooner. Call us to make an appointment today or complete an online form and we’ll help coordinate an appointment for you ASAP.

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