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Hives, welts, allergic rashes, and swellings are common symptoms we evaluate. The medical name for the hives is urticaria, and the medical name for the swellings is angioedema.

  • Patients can present with either alone, or both together. Even though hives and swellings look different, they are both expressions of the same allergic or immunological processes.

    These reactions may be one-time occurrences, intermittent, recurrent, mild or severe. Most of the time they are not dangerous and do not progress; however, sometimes they may be life threatening. Hives and swellings sometimes are expressions of an underlying disease process that needs identification and attention.

  • At the first visit, we spend time getting a detailed history, then the physical examination (the symptoms do not need to be present or active for the evaluation), followed by recommendations for testing. The testing may include  food allergy skin testing, blood tests, and x-rays.

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