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Sinus headaches are certainly underappreciated by persons not suffering from them. There is a great range of severity anywhere from mild and intermittent, to severe and daily.

  • The most important aspect of the evaluation is identifying whether the symptoms are from allergies (pollens, foods), the sinuses, or from another cause. In my experience, approximately 80% of the time we diagnose allergies and/or the sinuses as significant contributors.

  • Most often, we start by getting a complete history (past and present), then the physical exam, followed by allergy testing. I will usually recommend pollen allergy skin testing at the first visit, followed by food allergy skin testing at your follow-up visit. Other tests may be performed depending on the circumstances (mucous test, rhinoscopy, breathing tests, X-rays and blood tests).

    With the information gathered at the first visit, medications are usually prescribed, and other modalities would be explored if indicated (avoidance techniques, allergy injections). Most patients return for the return visit one week later feeling better.

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